Rohs Street Cafe

Located in Cincinnati, (Clifton community), live music events, delicious fair and direct trade coffee and an atmosphere of fellowship and good-will.

Our Baristas and Staff

As proud as we are of our coffee, we’re even more proud of the people who prepare it.  They're terrific baristas of course, but they're also terrific human beings.  Smart.  Warm.  Funny.  All of them were customers and volunteers before they got hired on, so you know they love this place. They love our coffee, too, and are always happy to share anything and everything they’ve know about it, if you give them the chance.  Depending on who’s on duty, they’ll also discuss literature, philosophy, permaculture, classical music, political science, psychology, graphic design, and any number of fandoms (it's a wonder they don't do trivia night— they'd be unstoppable).  But then again, you may just want to stick to coffee.

Leslie Hall

Born and bred just a-ways north in Middletown, OH - Leslie is a lover of everything about the Queen City. A recent graduate from Cincinnati Christian University, she fell in love with all things coffee while working in a coffee shop on campus. The only thing that compares with her love for coffee and Cincinnati is her love of England, where she spent ten months drinking tea, walking the streets of London and Oxford, and the countryside of Cotswolds, mentoring teenagers in a local church community. If she isn't behind the bar, you'll likely find her somewhere in the cafe with a book or some good friends. Rohs Street and UCC have been the catalyst for beautiful friendship and meaningful conversations, all connected by a fine cup of coffee.

Nathan Smith

Since coming on staff with the church that started Rohs Street Cafe, Nathan’s love for quality coffee has grown to match his love for meaningful conversation and practice of community, dialogue, and hospitality. Although not particularly skilled in the art of pulling a shot (don’t worry, the baristas won’t let him near the espresso machine) Nathan is involved in connection of Rohs Street Cafe with the broader Cincinnati community, as well as with people gathering at University Christian Church, where he also serves as an associate pastor. Nathan's passion for all of these things can be seen expressed through the cafe's year-long art undertaking, Time, a creative collaboration based on the historical church calendar.

Christopher Maier

Christopher is a California native- turned nomad- turned someone who decided to plant roots in Cincinnati after a particularly serendipitous road trip to the city. He graduated from the University of Cincinnati's literary and cultural studies program, and is currently the cafe's arts & culture coordinator, which means he looks for way to curate meaningful spaces for art and beauty through local creative expression. When he's not slinging espresso, he can be found telling anyone who's willing to listen about his love of different modes of storytelling . He's never met an Ethiopian coffee that he hasn't liked. He keeps a notebook full of hypothetical, pun-based band names (Manifest Destiny's Child...Oxford Coma...etc...). He hangs his hat in Northside.


Keaton Neely

When he's not brewing coffee, Keaton spends his time adventuring with the girl of his dreams, Hannah. They enjoy cooking, traveling, gardening, and rock climbing, and they live together in beautiful downtown Cincinnati with an enormous cat named Zipper. He (Keaton, not Zipper) enjoys fine literature, vinyl, film, NPR, denim, and comics. He got into coffee through some close friends - attracted by the taste and the community, and stayed for the potential for social change. Keaton became the manager of Rohs Street Cafe in the summer of 2014. He loves working here because of the community we create, the causes we support, and (of course) the coffee we brew.

Aaron Hatton 

Emerging from the bustling metropolis of Dry Ridge, KY (where the tobacco never runs dry and people hang out at Walmart), Aaron arrived in Cincinnati six years ago. After a three year stay in Austin, TX, he returned to finish his undergrad at the ripe old age of twenty-five. He is the only avid Bengals fan he knows, and enjoys mountain climbing, traveling the world, and scuba diving (in theory). He's happily married to the spunky Justine Hatton - whom you may find roaming around the cafe from time to time. If you give her dark chocolate, you will eternally be on her good side (that's how Aaron tricked her into marrying him). He loves good music and good conversation. And he thinks coffee is pretty cool.


Jennifer Murray

Jennifer is currently studying Fashion Design with a minor in Fine Art at UC/DAAP. Jennifer moved to the big city in 2014, and Rohs Street quickly became her first Cincinnati home. This coffee community took her in and watched her grow up, all in one short year. After taking a trip to Guatemala with UCC, her love for coffee blossomed. Whenever she's not behind the bar or staying up late working on homework, she loves playing cello and guitar, and reading a novel or two (or three). Bring up folk or classical music, Germany, or contemporary art and you'll have an instant friend. Better yet - just show her a picture of your dog and she'll love you forever.

Jake Jackson

Having been a part of the community since Rohs Street Cafe opened its doors, Jake has been in love with coffee from what many would consider too young of an age— he pulled his first shot of espresso when he was ten years old, and at sixteen he became a barista here,  and since then his love and knowledge of coffee has continued to grow exponentially.  Currently, Jake is attending Cincinnati State for general science and plans to transfer to UC to get a BS in Biomedical Science. When he isn't making coffee or studying, Jake volunteers at Cincinnati Children's Hospital, checks out the local music scene, or hangs out with good friends. 


Jacob is a recent UC graduate with his bachelors degree in literature and creative writing for poetry. Fulfilling more than a few stereotypes, he worked in coffee for the better part of his literary career. He currently lives in a community house in Price Hill, where he's involved in various political and urban agricultural organizations. He enjoys reading, gardening, learning homesteading and primitive skills, and hitting the road whenever he can. Chat with him at the bar about permaculture, art, or mysticism and you'll have a very talkative friend for life. Jacob accepts tips in the forms of head massages and pipe tobacco. 

Matthew Lyon

There’s a lot behind this man, Matthew. Raised in a small fishing village on Boston's North Shore and educated in the shadow of Mt Rainer, he’s worked in coffee for nearly 5 years, in Seattle, New York City, The City of London, and now here in Cincinnati. He's a bit of a world traveller. He’s a big fan of small drinks, fanciful ideas, deep thoughts, broad conversation, and the occasional wild adventure. 




Rohs Street Cafe     245 W McMillan St     Cincinnati, OH  45219

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