Rohs Street Cafe

Located in Cincinnati, (Clifton community), live music events, delicious fair and direct trade coffee and an atmosphere of fellowship and good-will.

Our new website...finally

Well folks, it's here. After 10+ years, we've finally got a new website - and a logo to boot! Many endless thanks to Rob Sloan of University Christian Church for his hard work on both. We couldn't be more pleased!

What can you expect from our new site? Well, for starters, you won't have to visit our Facebook page to find out what's going on at your favorite Queen City cafe. We've got a detailed events page where you can find out just what's going on this month. Interested in booking our own show here at Rohs Street? We've got a page for that too: check out our booking request form. Of course, if you just need to reserve a meeting space, or are interested in having your art displayed in our side rooms, there's a page for that too.

Have you noticed our barista profiles yet? You can also find out information about how our humble cafe got started, and about our roasters and partners. You can even sign up to be one of our (awesome) volunteers online now. And since Keaton is notoriously bad at answering emails, that's probably a good thing.

So what are you waiting for? Take some time to explore all of the awesome new features Rob built for us. We're super proud of our cafe, and now we have an amazing site to match.

Rohs Street Cafe     245 W McMillan St     Cincinnati, OH  45219

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