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Why We Love Pour-Overs (and why we think you will too)

Coffee is a funny thing: it's always changing. If it seems like every other day we're telling you about some new brewing method or origin (that's a fancy name for a coffee farm), it's only because that's how fast we're learning new things. Just a few years ago, none of us had ever heard of a Hario or a Chemex - but now, it's become so ubiquitous that even Starbucks is offering pour-overs (of a sort). With that in mind, here's a run-down of why we think this is the best way to enjoy our coffees.

It all starts with the beans.

There's really nothing a barista can do without a great product to work with. We're only the face of a years-long process that begins in a tiny, out-of-the-way corner of Guatemala (or Ethiopia, or any of a dozen other 'origins'). Small coffee farmers have worked for years, and sometimes generations lovingly tending their hillside of trees. They've weeded them, watered them, hand tended, picked, processed them- even sang to them. They've poured themselves into these plants, and sent their fruit (the coffee beans) off to the States for us to enjoy. 

Next, our friend Adam at Deeper Roots spends a hot, grueling day roasting the beans in Cincinnati. He's obsessive about quality - and we benefit from that obsession here. Adam is the next step in the process, pouring all his energy into roasting that perfect batch of coffee.

Finally, the coffee ends its journey at Rohs Street Cafe. Our highly trained baristas will be pouring themselves into that perfect cup of coffee for you. We're always thinking about the farmers, the roasters, and every loving step along the way to perfection. 

The Process

You'll hear us talk a lot about 'extraction' at Rohs, and although that may sound complicated, it's really just pulling the flavor out of the coffee grounds. The beauty of the pour-over is what we call 'even extraction.' In a nutshell, that means that an even amount of water is passing through each individual granule of coffee - hence the cone-shaped dripper: water passes through all sides of the dripper, and not just the bottom (as in the drip coffee you might drink at home). 


Our baristas will be pouring the water ever-so-slowly onto the fresh ground coffee: that's why we call it a pour-over. You'll notice us using a scale - that's because we're that committed to quality. We weigh our pour-overs down to the gram. 

We won't lie to you: it takes time. We know you're probably thinking, "Why should I wait five minutes for a cup of coffee when I can get a cup of drip right now?" Once you've had your first sip from a Hario, you'll understand why we're so obsessed. The flavor that comes from even extraction simply can't be matched. And what's more - you won't be relegated to only the day's brews: you can choose from any of the beans we currently have in stock. We'd love to tell you about the flavor profiles of each origin, and with the pour-over method, you'll actually be able to taste the cherries, the chocolate, or the baking spices.

It's a beautiful process. Take a seat at at the bar, chat with your favorite barista, and experience all the sights, smells, and tastes that a pour-over bar has to offer.

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