Rohs Street Cafe

Located in Cincinnati, (Clifton community), live music events, delicious fair and direct trade coffee and an atmosphere of fellowship and good-will.

interested in reserving a meeting space?

Rohs Street Cafe houses all kinds of meetings throughout the week:  space for interviews, study groups, and occasionally small classes from campuses. We're glad to reserve one of the side room spaces for you. If your group needs something a little more quiet, we are able to offer the use of our upstairs meeting room as well.

Please note that we do not rent out the church sanctuary for public events or party rentals. 

(Please make requests for meeting spaces at least 3 days before the needed date. We will be in touch with you as soon as possible to discuss the specifics of your booking request.)

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Rohs Street Cafe     245 W McMillan St     Cincinnati, OH  45219

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