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Indigo Hippo Store: Art Materials Donation Collection Event

(Indigo is a donation-based, art supply nonprofit for unwanted, gently used or unused materials.)

To build their initial inventory, Indigo Hippo will collect materials in the sanctuary connected to Rohs Street Cafe from 12-4pm. Donors will receive a tax deduction for the value of the items they donate (they’ll give you a lovely letter), the community will have access to affordable supplies, and those materials are kept out of the waste stream and given new life.

Materials are collected, sorted, and made available to the community through our storefront. Prices are kept as low as possible, making creativity more accessible to everyone by giving both traditional and non-traditional art supplies a second life. All proceeds will be used to support the new space and programming.

They are also looking for the following wish list donations : iPad, printer and/or scanner, shelves, bookcases, tables, baskets/storage bins, large easels. (All donations are tax deductible!) Check out their Facebook for more information on the event and their store.

Earlier Event: February 26
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