Rohs Street Cafe

Located in Cincinnati, (Clifton community), live music events, delicious fair and direct trade coffee and an atmosphere of fellowship and good-will.

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Brian Ernst

Cincinnati born and raised musician Brian Ernst has been touring the world with his music for the last eight years.  His lyrics tell this story as he builds his songs live with the a looping pedal and an assortment of instruments collected from all over the world. 

His message is one of hope and inspiration and he and his wife have usedmusic to advocate for the needs of others.  They run a small NGO that works in Kenya supporting women and children through education and micro loans and they just returned from Greece and Turkey where they spent the last 5 weeks volunteering with refugees.  Entrance by donation.

Later Event: March 27
Easter Sunday (cafe closed)

Rohs Street Cafe     245 W McMillan St     Cincinnati, OH  45219

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