Rohs Street Cafe

Located in Cincinnati, (Clifton community), live music events, delicious fair and direct trade coffee and an atmosphere of fellowship and good-will.

Our Partners

In case you hadn’t noticed, most independent coffee shops like ours don’t last very long.  Proud as we are about sticking around for more than a decade, we’re well aware that we couldn’t have done it without all kinds of help from our many and various local partners.  

First and foremost is University Christian Church, which is really more parent than partner to this cafe.  UCC’s fingerprints are all over Rohs Street in more ways that we can possibly describe, but somehow they’ve also managed to let us grow an identity of our own.

We're pretty excited to share with you our very first international partner, 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters from beautiful Vancouver, B.C. We've had our eye on them for years, and we can't wait for you to try their delicious filter and espresso coffees. 


Next up is Deeper Roots, the Cincinnati-local roasting company co-started by our own beloved cafe founder, Les Stoneham.  If you want to understand Rohs Street’s approach to coffee, Deeper Roots is the place to start.  Bean deliveries from DRC arrive in our cafe on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Almost from the beginning, our delicious baked goods have been hand-made and delivered to us by Ann and Matt Kane, who in the process have become our great friends.  

Then there are all the volunteers, official and otherwise, who have cheerfully pitched in over the years on everything from engineering our sound system to doing the dishes, and all the bands who have played here for less because they love this place, and all the customers who have talked up Rohs Street and brought in their friends.  

That’s right, good people:  We are grateful to and for every single one of you.  

Rohs Street Cafe     245 W McMillan St     Cincinnati, OH  45219

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