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our story


Rohs Street Cafe grew out of University Christian Church’s desire to connect with the Clifton Heights community, and to see social justice and fair trade practices brought to the forefront of coffee culture in Cincinnati. We’re committed to partnering with local, national, and international roasters to provide fair and direct trade coffee and tea - helping to work toward a future where all members of the supply chain can benefit. We strive to serve only local and organic products, caring for the planet and the living things that populate it. And we’re passionate about serving the Clifton Heights community here in Cincinnati, providing a place where anyone and everyone is welcome.



Our Space

At first glance, you might say that we’re in the coffee business - but we prefer to think we’re in the hospitality business. It’s our number one priority that you feel safe and welcome here. We’re open late as a warm and inviting place for students to study and it’s a huge space with plenty of seating, so feel free to hang out. Our building gets used for just about everything throughout the week. Though we’re closed on Sunday mornings so we can have services next door at University Christian Church, during the week you’re likely to see everything from business meetings to jazz concerts. No matter what though, you’ll feel right at home in our space. 



Our community