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We want to hear from you!  What do you like about the cafe, the community, the artwork, the music, etc?  What are things that you'd like to see us add to the cafe schedule, to the menu, to the decor?  What constructive criticism do you have for us?  

Thanks for caring enough about this cafe to tell us what you think.  



Interested in learning more about coffee? Looking for service hours for your scholarship? Are you excited about serving the Clifton Heights community with us? Rohs Street offers volunteer opportunities monthly, both inside the cafe and within our neighborhood. We also offer weekly volunteer opportunities, if you’re looking for something a little more regular.

If all that sounds good to you, go ahead and fill out our volunteer application and we'll be in touch.



Book a show

We’re not a performance venue, but we love hosting up and coming artists and performers. We try to focus on music that fits well in our space, that pairs well with a good cup of coffee. Are you a singer-songwriter, indie band, folk singer, jazz combo, or bluegrass outfit? Reach out to us and let’s collaborate!


In filling out a request form for a show, you've read and have agreed to the following:

  • We primarily book events for Friday and Saturday nights.
  • All shows take place in the cafe on our stage. We do not book shows or events in the sanctuary space.
  • Load in and Sound check are at 7pm - music starts at 8pm and must end by 10:30pm.
  • We do not offer compensation, but artists are able to charge whatever they like at the door to the main room, and they keep 100%.
  • As the main band or artist, you are responsible for providing at least one additional supporting act.
  • Rohs Street will add you to our events calendar, and post any posters that you provide in our space. You are responsible for any other promotion desired.
  • We will provide sound equipment (PA, microphones, cables, and stands) and a sound tech - and we ask that you do not bring your own equipment or sound tech unless previously agreed upon.


All set? Hit the button below, provide info about your band and we'll get back to you!


Want to book Rohs street for a meeting?

Rohs Street Cafe houses all kinds of meetings throughout the week:  space for interviews, study groups, and occasionally small classes from campuses. We're glad to reserve one of the side room spaces for you. If your group needs something a little more quiet, we are able to offer the use of our upstairs meeting room as well.

**Rohs Street Cafe reserves the right to decline any booking request that does not match the ethos and mission of the cafe and its leadership.


Display Your art

A cafe isn't complete with art hanging on the walls. We love supporting our local artists and are always looking for new work to display in the shop. If you'd love to see your art in the cafe, we'd love to hear from your!

Send us some more information about you and the art your create!